Interview with Dietmar Lucas about PCR-test circle study

The RKI hides botched testing laboratories

For almost six months, the RKI has had information that proves gross botch at the corona test laboratories. And yet the RKI stubbornly maintained a "very good test execution" during this time1. The second round-robin test for the SARS-CoV 2 virus in summer 2020 showed that 7.6% of the laboratories had worked so badly that they did not achieve the class goal - a certificate from Instant e.V.2. This information has demonstrably been available to the RKI since September 11, 20203. But only a lawsuit before the Berlin Administrative Court forced the RKI to disclose this explosive information on February 25, 2021. Dietmar Lucas, who has been organizing a weekly vigil in front of the RKI since September 2020, has made an effort.

“I suspected and feared that the quality of the tests in the laboratories would be poor,” confirms Lucas. “But the high number of laboratories that work incorrectly does shock me. Actually everything could be clear now: the laboratories are doing their work poorly to a large extent, the test results are therefore not meaningful and all the figures have to be completely reevaluated. All current positive tests are likely due to such botch-up and not contamination with the virus. It is almost certain that the pandemic must be called off immediately and all measures must be ended on the spot. Then the fight against the other respiratory diseases, which can also be fatal, can finally be resumed - but without hysteria and scaremongering. "

It is not known what consequences the botch had for the laboratories. If you take the figures from the laboratories that report their figures to the RKI as a basis, there were probably no consequences. These numbers even increased slightly from the beginning of August 2020 - i.e. before the botch became known - to the end of the year4. This certainly does not support the assumption that the laboratories that did poorly no longer received orders to carry out tests. The RKI has so far only published one page of more than 34 pages of the evaluations for the second round robin test. The lawsuit for complete surrender continues. So there are still more explosive revelations to be expected. But the self-stylization of the RKI as a refuge of true and transparent science has already been finally exposed as a fake. Who is responsible for this scandal at the RKI has yet to be clarified. At least the political leadership of this authority has to put up with the accusation that this explosive information about the tests has been withheld from the public for six months. Instead, the fairy tale of the near-infallible tests was carried on.

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